Products and Solutions

Products and Solutions

Electric Power Networks protection, distribution and management system

Custom-built Low Voltage Switchboards designed according to IEC60439-1 and IEC61439-1, 2 available up to 6300A with Short-Circuit Withstand Capacity up to 100kA. It is also available in different forms (Form-1 to Form-4) suiting customers' needs and applications with creative design to ensure safety, power-saving and simplicity.


Power Stations monitoring, control and protection systems

  1. Transformers Bus Coupling
  2. Generators Synchronization
  3.   Power Factor Correction
  4. Central Control and Monitoring System CCMS (dedicated automation system)
  5. Automatic Transfer Switch



Motor Control Centers

Available in different forms suitable for customers' needs and applications

Custom-Built low voltage MCC panels, (Form-1 to Form-4)

Starters Types

Direct On Line - DOL

Star-delta with electro mechanical interlock and digital timer.


Soft starter.

Variable Frequency Drive.

Incoming power monitoring and trip including, phase sequence, phase loose.

Over/under voltage and over/under frequency.

Earth leakage alarm and trip.

Microprocessor based power monitoring module with ModBus interface.

Main incomer fused indication lamp.


Automation Systems

(PLC, SCADA, BMS, Home Automation) and   Industrial Communication Systems: (Fiber Optic, GSM)


Solar systems

On Grid & Off Grid Systems

Solar Pump Systems


Lighting Control Systems


HVAC control systems

Chiller plants, AHUs, FCU, Economizer systems...


Fire isolation systems

Supply and Fresh air control, Fire Zone air pressure Isolation, Staircase safe evacuation system, Generator set room isolation systems, Car park exhausting and isolation systems